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Somebody to Love
Evan Strand and Lucia Joyce

The River


    Singer/ Songwriter Jesse Madera performs, Belle and The Claytons: 'The River'. Rebecca Ocampo is a fantastic partner and brings this dreamy experience to life! I had a wonderful time being a part of such a fun and exciting music video with such a talented group of people all around! Thank you Jesse and Rebecca!

Directed by Nell Teare!

Suite Saint Saens


   Suite Saunt Saens, originally choreographed by Gerald Arpino is recreated for the Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive in New York City. It was an honor to be able to perform the work of such a ballet legend.




    Concerto was choreographed by the late John Magnus. Evan had the pleasure to train with Mr. Magnus at his midwest sumer program. He polished Evan's dancing ability to what he is capable of today with dedication to the craft and heart for the performance.

Immortal Beloved


   Immortal Beloved is another of Marie De La Palme's Pieces and one of Evan's favorite to perform. Marina Fabila is his partner and a true example of Marie's ability to put all the emotions of life into one short dance. 

The Ones We Love


     Sometimes we are in and out of sync and in and out of love. Sometimes life and relationships get messy. Sometimes we leave traces of ourselves behind. That is the space in which this video was born. I was interested in exploring relationships. This first video highlights finding and losing a first love.

Director: Khalehla Rixon

Choreographer: Kristi Slager

Dancers: Evan Strand and Rebecca Ocampo

The Cage
      Choreographed by Marie De La Palme. Evan worked with Marie from 2006 - 2014 under her company Motiontribe. Motiontribe is a contemporary-acro-ballet company that showcases the tales of love and life. Marie passed away in December 2014 and her work is now honored and continued by the remaining members of Motion Tribe and Jennifer Backhaus at Backhaus Dance.

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