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12 To Midnight

Forty years ago, Charles Bronson starred in a serial killer thriller called 10 to Midnight. Now Bronson look-alike Robert Bronzi has taken the lead in a thriller called 12 to Midnight… but Bronzi is going to have to face off with a supernatural threat in this one. The villain in 12 to Midnight is a werewolf!

Currently filming in California and the coal regions of northeast Pennsylvania (including the infamous town of Centralia, which served as inspiration for Silent Hill), 12 to Midnight is being directed by Mark Savage (Purgatory Road) from a screenplay he crafted with Joe Knetter, producer Jeff Miller, and cast member Tom Parnell. Based on a story by Miller, the film concerns a detective, kicked off the force and despondent after the murder of his wife drives him to drink, who is asked back to the force when a new string of murders seem connected to his wife’s, and the killer appears to be taunting him. Only the killer may be superhuman, likely a breed of werewolf.

Bronzi is joined in the cast by Daniel Roebuck, Sadie Katz, and UFC champion Tito Ortiz, as well as Tristan Ott, Evan Strand, Patrick Voss Davis, Juliet Biscotti, A.C. Bernardi, Sarah Cugini, Searra Sawka, Destiny Brown, Valerie Bittner, Eric Francis Melaragni, the aforementioned Tom Parnell, and Helene Udy from the original My Bloody Valentine.

Frozen National Broadway Tour
Evan Strand dazzles audiences with his portrayal of the loveable, laughable, huggable reindeer Sven from Disney's production of Frozen! The Broadway Tour is back on and moving all around the country! Be sure to check out where it is headed next and try and catch Evan in his role with the amazing cast of The National Frozen Tour!
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Dhadkane means heartbeat or pulse in hindi. Through the efforts of all involved, directed by Justine Raczkiewicz, and performed by Evan Strand and Katie Reese, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan brings to life the beauty of song and dance. Hitting more than 1.5M+ views in under a week this is what happens when collaboration creates art! Thank you to all involved for such a fun and exciting video!
Sweet Charity

Evan will be performing as one of the male ensemble for Sweet Charity at UCLA for the first show of Reprise 2.0 2018! Check out all the details and get your tickets HERE. Shows are from June 20 - July 1. Get your tickets and come have a blast!!

Oishi Kawaii:

Demon Hunter

Premiers March 2019

Oishi Kawaii: After defeating all the demons in "High School Battle" Oishi is back again with her sidekick Noodles to battle new demons and save the universe in "Oishi Kawaii: Demon Hunter". Evan plays the lead Bro, Raif, with his buddies J-Mack and Tall Order surviving life the best they can and trying to get Oishi's attention all over again. Check it out with Verizon's GO90 #smosh #OishiDH #GO90

Directors: Alan Cohen, Alan Freedland, Joe Gressis

Ex. Producer: Christopher Willey

Hairspray Live
NBC will be broadcasting the Live Musical Production of Hairspray with an absolutely stellar Cast! Evan will be playing the Milkman not only for the Live performance of Hairspray, but also for the debut of a brand new Reddi Wip commercial airing for the first time during the Movie! 
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